February 17, 2013

Year of Jewelry Week 7 - Off the Cuff

Purple ombre macrame cuff bracelet by Sherri Stokey of Knot Just Macrame

The theme for Week 7 of the Year of Jewelry was "Off the Cuff".  I debated all week (read:  procrastinated) and rejected idea after idea.  Then *bam!* this morning it just hit me.  I dug out several shades of purple cord:

Shaed of purple C-lon bead cord

After playing around a bit, I made some end pieces to anchor my knotting out of darkened steel.  It's got an interesting rustic look to it that works well with my design.

Handmade end findings made from darkened steel

Some solid knotting on both ends made the piece more stable and the strand of spirals in graduating shades of purple makes for an interesting texture.

End of purple ombre macrame cuff showing cavendoli knotting and spirals

You know what's interesting about this piece?  No beads!  I rarely do macrame without beads for some reason, but this piece just didn't seem to need any.  I did add a dangle just for a bit of movement, but it's not knotted in, so I'm not counting it.  (Hey, it's my blog - my rules.)

Fastened cuff bracelet showing cavandoli work

Shades of purple cuff style bracelet with handcrafted wire pieces

Crazy about ombre?  Check out my bead weaving version here.


  1. Amazed and inspired by your work as always!

  2. that is a stunning bracelet!! do you ever do tutorials?

  3. I love it even without beads! You come up with the best designs!
    Great work ~Erika

  4. I love the design! I´m a newcome to macrame, so I´m trying to find inspiration wherever I can... I´ll become your follower rigth now!

    If you want to take a look ay my blog, here´s the url


    tks! Ks


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