February 1, 2013

Me? A Grandmother?


Meet my new grandson, Carter!  I hadn't expected to be a grandmother for a while yet, but apparently the Universe had other ideas.  Just when I think life is getting a bit dull and predictable...  BAM!  Some fairy somewhere waves her magic wand and POOF, I'm a gramma.  

I'm still getting used to the whole mother-of-the-father-of-the-baby thing.  Testing out monikers.  Granny is already taken, as is Gramma P.  Memaw is out.  Nana is a possibility.  My friend told me I'd love being called Grandma as soon as it's said by that sweet little boy while he's holding his arms out to me.  I think she is probably right.  I am smitten.  He's just absolutely perfect.

My son is learning to be a father.  I think he is going to be amazing at it.  He's a natural.

father and baby

playtime for father and baby boy

father feeding baby boy

I am absolutely certain life will never be the same.  And looking at this sweet face, I wouldn't have it any other way.

clean baby after a bath in a cute frog towel


  1. Congrats Sherri, he is just precious!

  2. Isn't life wonderful! Congratulations!

  3. Congratulations Sherri, what a treasure. You look far too young to be a Grandma!!

  4. I have to say that is the most adorable baby I have seen in a long time. Enjoy and treasure this time. Ain't life grand?

  5. Adorable! But be careful. We had the same "Gramma" name issue. My kids, now 34 and 40, to this day call my Mother - their grandmother- "Lady"!

  6. Congratulations!! Oh being a grandma is a gift!! So happy for you!! And from one "young" grandma to another -- enjoy redifining the meaning of the word! LOL We are Grand, indeed!


  7. Congratulations Sherri! How absolutely beautiful he is! I can't wait to be a grandmother!


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