October 16, 2013

Autumn with a Smidge of Winter

Confusion of Seasons with Aspen trees in autumn finery and evergreens covered in snow
Seasonal Confusion

My husband and I like to take a trip up into the Rocky Mountains in the fall just to wander about and admire the scenery.  Don't get me wrong - we like to do that in the summertime, too, but autumn in the mountains is just magical.  The leaves are an amazing color of yellow that looks lit from within and contrasts strikingly with the deep hues of the evergreen trees.  We were a week or so later this year and stumbled into an interesting mix of seasons.  The trees were ablaze with color and the evergreens just across the river were covered in a blanket of snow!  When we drove higher up, we ran into this:

Snow covered mountain peak
Snow Covered Peak

I couldn't WAIT to get back into the lower country!  I am not, not, NOT ready for winter yet.  I may never be ready for winter!  Thankfully, it wasn't long before we found more of this:

Autumnal palette in the Rocky Mountains.
Colorful Mountainside

I'm sorry my photography skills aren't really up to the challenge because the real deal was ever so much more breathtaking than my pictures can convey.  I love these colors spilling down the mountainside.

Fall in the Rockies aspen trees and evergreens.
Aspens and Evergreens

I tried making a couple of color palettes from some of my photos.  I'm thinking of making some jewelry pieces based on one or both.  Anyone want to join me?

autumn color palette aspen leaves
Sunlit Aspen Color Palette

Fall color palette aspens and evergreen trees
Aspen and Evergreen Color Palette


  1. The colors are beautiful, perfect for a wonderful fall bracelet.

  2. Yes, I want to join you ;) maybe I can create some beads in these colors, but anyway, so sorry I was MIA when I promised to send some 'beachy' beads ;( One thing after another here and I just found the sea-beads, so I will be sending them this coming week... U can save them till u feel all summery ;)


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