October 5, 2013

Five Generations of Family

Five generations

We are really lucky to have five generations of family, all the way from my grandmother down to my grandson, Carter.  We were finally able to get all of the five of us together in one place today and we tried really hard to get a good photo.  Easier said than done when you're working with a group of five people and nearly impossible when one of the five is a 9-month-old!

In the picture above, my son, Nick, is on the left.  And the dangly little critter there is his son, Carter.  That's me in the center.  My mother, Sharon and her mother, Blanche are on the right.  My grandmother is 88 years old and it meant the world to her to get to hold her great great grandson.

Carter and his great great grandmother
Cater and his great great grandmother

We tried a LOT of times to get just ONE good photo of all of us, and I don't think you can say we got one.  We did get some entertaining ones, though.  

5 generations

Carter and his great grandmother
Carter and his great grandmother
Me with my grandson
My grandson and I

Carter and his great grandfather
Carter and his great grandfather

Carter in the window


Today was a day overflowing with love and joy.  Life is good indeed.


  1. Great pictures and very special to have everybody together.

  2. So cool to see five generations.

  3. How very special to be able to get together and have photos and memories of this event. Gotta love pics w/babies - they make them fun no matter what they're doing!! Your grandson's a cutie-pie! I especially love the pic w/him looking out the window - how precious.

  4. Lovely pictures and I think they are better than the perfect posed ones. What a cutie Carter is and you are blessed indeed.

  5. I always think the 'candid' shots are the best. What a wonderful, special moment. So very glad you got to capture the moment with pics.


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